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Family vacation ideas and places to go with kids

Are you a traveller? It’s the wanderlust that keeps you going but you’re also a parent and don’t really know how to pull those two roles together? You’re in the right place now.

Happy Little Traveller is a TRAVEL WITH KIDS blog for family vacation ideas: where to go, what to do, how to pack etc when travelling with kids – so that you can still be you, feed your insatiable desire to travel and keep those little wonderful fellows that came to your life happy, too.

family vacation and travel with kids blog

I have been travelling with kids for 7 years now and pretty much done it all. Most of our travels are custom made, road trips and long hauls, one child and two, pregnant, breastfeeding, you name it.

Working as a marketer and PR-specialist for a travel agency has shown how many fears new parents are facing, especially when travelling for the first time as a family. Is the baby going to feel all right in the plane, how’s the food abroad, what happens if he gets sick and so on. I’ve been answering to direct questions from new parents and to some interviews for family oriented or travel magazines and web publications. travel with kids blog
Also I have searched a lot of information for our own family trips – where to go and what to do so that both parents and the kids feel satisfied while abroad. The answers are not always there so we have done lots of discovering as a family and that’s fun part of travelling too, of course.

From now one, there’s one more place to get ideas and some advice for travelling with kids. I’m happy to see you here. Questions asked and feedback given are more than welcome. Share your own travel experience with kids, too.

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