Best Family Holiday Destinations for Spring School Break

March is almost here. If your kids go to school, you probably prefer travelling during school holidays as many families do. Here are 8 best family holiday destinations for Spring school break.

1) Canary islands, Spain

There are seven Canary island and they’re all sunny and nice in March. Tenerife is the most visited Canary island that is chosen by many families too because of its kid friendly beaches and activities like water parks or zoos. Tenerife’s nature is also pretty amazing and you’ll see it’s best parts during day trips up to Teide Volcano or Masca mountain village. Read more from Tenerife blog post.

If you have already visited Tenerife and you’re looking for something new you might be interested in Fuerteventura which is famous by it’s white sandy beaches and windy spots that surfers love. The best beach in Fuerteventura for families with small children is Jandia.

In addition to beaching and surfing there is a variety of hiking trails and snorkeling spots on the island.
Best family holiday destinations for spring school break

Another Canary island you might want to visit is also a paradise for surfers. Lanzarote has lots of interesting places like the garden of cactus flowers Jardín de Cactus or underwater museum Museo Atlantico Lanzarote that was opened in January. Be aware that it is possible to visit the unique museum by diving and that’s why it’s not the place to visit with small kids.

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2) Florida, US

Florida is perfect for March travellers looking for sun. You know you can count on a destination for winter warmth as Florida goes under the nickname of The Sunshine State. In addition to long sandy beaches the state has lots of activities to fill your family vacation with, starting with the famous theme park Universal’s Islands of Adventure which has been ranked nr 1 theme park in the world by TripAdvisor users in both 2015 and in 2016.

Best family holiday destinations for spring school break
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If you travel with kids you might also be interested in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or in Discovery Cove Orlando. In fact the list of theme parks goes on and on in Florida.

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3) Cruising to Carribean islands or Bahamas

If you go to Florida and want to see more, do some cruising. The selection of cruises from Orlando is wide and it’s best to consult with a professional travel consultant to choose the ship and to get the best deal.
best family holiday destinations for spring school break

You may want to start with 4 days in The Bahamas or spend the whole week cruising and visiting several Carribean islands. There are many activities for children on board or even the whole special programme like the Disney cruises or The Dreamworks Experience.

4) Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Warm sun and ocean water in March is guaranteed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is famous by it’s everything that is bigger, taller and greater than in anywhere else. You will find most skyscrapers in Dubai. They also have the tallest buidling in the world, the biggest mall in the world etc.

best family holiday destinations for spring school break

Dubai Parks & Resort theme park that was opened last year is also bigger and greater than most of the others. Its huge area includs Legoland, Bollywood theme park, waterland with amusement park and the list continues.

In addition you may want to drive to Dubai’s neighbour state Abu Dhabi to visit Sheik Zayed Grand Mosc that is powerful in many  meanings or to explore one of the world’s most advanced Formula 1 circuits on a guided Venue Tour of Yas Marina Circuit that intrigues all motorsports fans.

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5) Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean which is perfect for Spring travelling. Offering warm weather and awesome beaches plus great local temperament with complex culture trip to Cuba might become unforgettable. Start your exploring tour in the chaotic capital Havana where the famous streets still have everything we know well from postcard views, starting with colourful architecture to vintage cars with their sigar smoking drivers. Authentic or not, Cubans know how to sell the destination to tourists.

Best family holiday destinations for Spring school break
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Nevertheless, Cuba is everything else than artificial. Lacking mega theme parks or often animal abusing aquariums Cuba still has everything that you need for perfect family vacation. The key for holiday-planning parents is to ignore standard entertainment schedules and think outside the box. Hang out in places where local families do and you will find the magic.

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best family holiday destinations for spring school break

6) Ski trip to Alps

If your family skis or snowboards March goes hand in hand with ski trips to Alps. The Spring is already there in small mountain villages and the sun shines all day long, but there is still enough snow for great ski experience.

best family holiday destinations for spring school break
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It’s up to you which country you choose according to your skiing skills or previous travels. There are enough slopes to choose from for beginners and advanced skiers in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany or Andorra. Most of the ski centres offer ski lessons to kids as well.

7) Thailand

Been there, done that? Thailand’s nature and long coastal line make it continuosly a perfect spot for Winter and Spring holiday. If you have already visited all the famous resorts go beyond discovering new parts of the country like Khao Sok national park or Khao Lak area that was recently restored and offers much more peaceful vacation compared with Phuket resort nearby.

best family holiday destinations for spring school break

Spend a peaceful holiday in Khao Lak.

If Thailand is not the place for you this year Asia has a lot more to offer.  Take your kids and spouse to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos or Singapore. It’s still cheap to travel in most Asian countries if you come from Europe, USA or Australia.

8) City break in Europe

School kids are old enough to enjoy city breaking. Just pick your destination and enjoy longer days, warmer degrees and great atmosphere of European historical places. Is it Rijeka in Croatia, Prague in Czech Republic, Lisbon in Portugal, Venice in Italy or some other place, it’s up to you.

best family holiday destinations for spring school break

If you go with kids, book tickets to amusement parks, zoos or sights in advance. Thus there’s no waiting in the line with children not to mention the savings that might be considerable if you’re buying tickets for the whole family. Read also Copenhagen city break blog post.

best family holiday destinations for spring school break

Travel tip:

Start planning school break trips long ahead to get the best deals. School breaks are scheduled for same period in many countries. Therefor those are high seasons for travelling like other holidays are. It’s best time for planning and booking your Summer and Autumn travels now.

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