5 Ideas for Autumn School Break

The school break is right there. Here are 5 ideas that are trending in travel with kids world. If you haven’t planned a family vacation yet there is definitely something spontaneous you can do to make your little travelers happy and enjoy time spent together.

1. Relax at a Spa

The easiest way to have fun with kids. Travel to countryside spa or have an afternoon in your favourite at your home town. Kids love water sports and you can have fun, too.

2. Have a City Break

Travel with kids somewhere they haven’t been yet. Does it always have to be another country? No. There are plenty of lovely small towns that are shining in all the Autumn colours. Here are some choices that are also suitable for Spring travels with kids if you need some more time for planning. 2 up to 5 days are enough for city break with kids.

3. Visit Theme Parks

Theme parks and amusement parks are always a good idea for those travelling with children. Find your closest or travel with kids to the latest and craziest theme park in the WORLD that is opening this October – Dubai Parks and Resorts. Even the video is entertaining!

4. Go to countryside

Travel with kids to countryside and enjoy the new season in nature. Go to the woods, pick some wild berries and mushrooms (if there is still something left). Or just have a nice picnic with a family. It’s a great exchange to school classes, offices and all the screen oriented world back there in the city. So take the most of it and your children will too (if they’re not rebel teenagers yet, of course).


5. Those Last Beaching Days

Make the summer longer and enjoy those last warm days at the beach. You will still find nice weather in some European places – in Tenerife, Cyprus or in Southern Spain for instance.  Even if it’s not hot enough anymore for swimming and sun bathing, children will find their fun anyways and so should you.


Be creative and have fun! It’s wonderful travel with kids worlds right around your home street corner.

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