10 Great Winter Holiday Destinations

Have you already decided is it going to be a ski or beach holiday with kids this winter? Or why not to do both if you can. This blog post is about 10 great winter holiday destinations if your family likes to have fun in a snow.

10 great winter destinations to travel with kids - Happy Little Traveler - Travel with kids blog

1. Åre and Sälen ski resorts, Sweden

In my opinion Scandinavian ski resorts are the most family friendly. No wonder – they say that Sweds and Norwegians are born with skis so be prepared that little lovely (and oh so fast) monsters with skis are all over the slopes.

2. Trysil ski resort, Norway

The same goes to Norway – they ski with families and kids in all ages are taken up to the mountains. So can you if you travel with kids. It’s one of the best places to teach your children mountain skiing or snowboarding. Or if your kids are old and brave enough you can leave them for a while to have fun with ski school instructors and enjoy your own mountain style freedom as well.

Plus you will meet the trolls everywhere, so there’s another reason to travel to Norway with kids.


3. Söll ski resort, Austrian Alps

Ski resorts in Alps are one of the best in the world and each skier or snowboarder finds a suitable resort for him in Austria, Switzerland, Andorra or Italy.
Austrian Alps have the best price and quality interaction for accommodation and other services. If you travel with kids choose Söll ski resort as they have ski school there.

I would not go to Austrian Alps in high season for the first ski holiday with kids, though. It gets crowded there and the slopes are not so wide as Scandinavian ones for instance.


4. Santa Clause Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

To have the best magic of Christmas you will have to visit Santa’s land at least once in a life time. You can have a chat with the coolest guy in the world and leave couple of bucks there but hey, it’s Christmas after all.

And if your family really is a traveller one and a fan of winter activities, you will probably want to visit some Finnish ski resorts as well. Levi ski resort is about 2 hours drive from Santa’s and definitely worth visiting.


5. Viru bog, Estonia

Want to experience something magnificent created by nature? Have a walk in the bog in a winter time. There are many bogs just in a hour drive from the Estonian capital Tallinn. If you travel with kids have warm clothes and a picnic basket with you. If the weather is right you will have a chance to do something really special together with kids.


6. Gudauri ski resort, Georgia

Georgian mountains have their own powerful atmosphere, the Georgians’ cuisine is delicious and they are famous with their hospidality. I would go to Gudauri with bigger children who are skilled skiers already as all the ski trails might not be marked and it’s not that safe compared to Alps or Scandinavian resorts.

best winter holiday detsinations with kids

7. Aspen ski resort, Colorado, USA

Planning to travel to US with kids this winter? Why not to do something active in addition to all those famous sights. Buttermilk mountain is the best choice for families – the slopes are gentle and wide and totally suitable for beginners but more skilled skiers will find their fun, too.


8. Dubai Ski Dome, AUE

If you’re still not that much of a fan of skiing or you can not choose between a ski and beach holiday, there’s a place to do both. Dubai has everything great and crazy and mountain ski dome is one of those crazy great ideas. It sounds unbelievable but there are three mountains with several slopes, a skating rink, ski lifts and a snow castle there. It’s cold and its snowing inside the hall so why not to have a morning in the beach and spend the evening skiing.

9. Nuremberg or Berlin Christmas Markets, Germany

If you travel with kids in December visit Christmas markets. Nuremberg Christmas Market, located about 170 kilometres (110 miles) north of Munich is ranked the best one in Europe but the Berlin one is great, too. Take a dose of real Christmas spirit, enjoy all the hot glögg and reindeers.


On the picture there’s actually Tallinn christmas market as Nuremberg and Berlin ones are still on our places to go list.

10. Have a winter fun in your own country

Go skating, cross country skiing or sledging. Maybe there’s a snow tubing or husky rides or something else nearby. Mostly you don’t have to travel far to have fun with kids.


Travel tips:

December and March are high season months – if you travel with kids prefer January and February – there are less crowd and much more reasonable prices.


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  • Unfortunately I live in Morocco where there is no snow. I hope to visit one of these countries in the next winter

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